About Us



  A Journey Called Autumn Lane 

Co-founded by Richa Baid Agarwal and Aditya Agarwal, Autumn Lane has come a long way since its inception. The brand that pledges to redefine women's fashion was conceptualised when the duo went shopping for Richa's bridal trousseau. They were surprised to find that there was such a dearth of designs that are chic and smart yet comfortable and casual enough to wear all day round without having an unreasonable price tag to intimidate even the most avid shopaholic.

Aditya as a management-generalist and a keen problem solver focused to address the issue with an ideology of streamlining the buying experiences of millennials with his strong understanding in apparel industry, marketing and customer experiences. Richa & Aditya emphasised on building a solution that than finding one to deliver quality, affordable apparel that are stylish and comfortable. The duo channelized their frustration into igniting the creative spark in them and stoked it with their entrepreneurial spirit to embark on an adventure .

They did not want the women's fashion wardrobes to be limited by uncomfortable choices, they wanted women to be in sync with every precious moment in life without compromising their comfort and style. Autumn Lane  was conceived with the sole aim of designing a smart, chic, comfortable clothing line that is pocket friendly. 

Aditya devoted his strong business acumen in operations management, procurement and financial aspect to nurture the brand and quality designs while Richa having done a PG in marketing went on to manage the marketing & branding aspect of the brand. Together they have achieved what they set out to do, bringing about refreshing changes to the Indian fashion landscape by assisting the sassy new age women across all age brackets to celebrate womanhood with panache.

 Why Autumn Lane? 
The Brains Behind the Brand Unravel the Mystery Behind the Name  

When it was time to name our creation we wanted a nature reference and autumn was a natural choice for both of us. We settled on autumn as it is so alluring, we love the colors of autumn, so vibrant and yet there is an understated elegance about the season that immediately captures your heart. If Autumn were to be a woman, she would be vibrant, classy, mysterious yet chic. It was everything we envisioned our clothing line to be. Also autumn is about comfort, it is the time of the year you snug up with a cozy mystery. 

The comfort and elegance autumn exudes resonated with our vision of weaving comfort, elegance and style together to renovate fashion. The falling leaves of autumn signify change, breaking away from an old cycle to herald a new beginning, something we aspired to do with our brand and now as we watch women enjoying their walk down the Autumn Lane with a satisfied smile, we feel that our fashion journey couldn't have started with a better name!!                                   

Autumn Lane Offering Fashion Round the Clock 

Fusing Style with Comfort

Cotton was the choice of fabric for us from the word go as our primary idea was to design a stylish yet comfortable clothing line and if you want a fabric that could be worn round the clock without making you feel uneasy given the climate we live in, it's cotton.

So, we use cotton to make our outfits breathable and wearable, not just all day long but all year round as well! Women across all age brackets love cotton! The quality of cotton we use is excellent and yet we manage to keep the price point within your reach. 

Our collection is crafted to suit every fashion whimsy and has head-turning pieces of ethnic and Indo-western outfits. No matter which occasion you want to celebrate we have got you covered.  Our pieces are perfect to flaunt at a semi-formal event, at a friend's place, or, for impressing a date. Whether you are at home, or, at a party or, at work Autumn Lane is here to drape you for every moment round the clock. 

We also have exclusive embroidered pieces for those special occasions to help you sport a dressy look.